DC Comics' Superhero Universe Just Changed In Some Huge Ways

DC’s current big crossover ends today, and we’re finally getting a sense of the effects that Convergence will have on the publisher’s fictional reality. There is a lot of new stuff to digest. You might even call it a reverse-Crisis. » 5/27/15 3:19pm Yesterday 3:19pm

Modern Warfare 2 Deserves More Credit

Call of Duty is not supposed to be good, so the idea goes, especially not Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The sixth Call of Duty has been described as a jingoistic mess, a Michael Bay-esque cacophony of nonsensical story bits, a mere shooter that couldn’t—shouldn’t—try to be anything more. “It’s Call of Duty” has… » 5/27/15 10:05am Yesterday 10:05am

One Thing Not Changing at DC Comics: Batman Kicking Superman’s Ass

Superman isn’t as tough as he used to be. There’s a new guy calling himself Batman. You know what that means: it’s time for a classic superhero misunderstanding fight where the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight throw down again.
» 5/20/15 3:03pm 5/20/15 3:03pm

Mad Max Comic Shows How Fury Road’s Villain Rose To Power

If you’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road, you know that the movie doesn’t explain much about the blasted world it happens in. But there’s a new comic that fills in more backstory about the crazy War Boy called Nux and the albino tyrant he works for.
» 5/20/15 12:36pm 5/20/15 12:36pm

See Which Heroes Get the Biggest Changes in the Remixed Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe we knew is dead. In its place is a new gestalt planet, stitched together from pieces of the preceding multiverse by the all-powerful will of Dr. Doom. This week, we’ll get our first real glimpses of the realms that make up Battleworld.
» 5/19/15 5:06pm 5/19/15 5:06pm

The End of Scott Pilgrim, For Now

Scott Pilgrim first got introduced to the world 11 years ago, in a series of graphic novels that had the slacker bassist fighting off his girlfriend’s evil exes. Then came a beloved cult movie and retro-styled video game. Now, with a new color version of the final Scott Pilgrim book out in the world, it looks like the… » 5/19/15 11:50am 5/19/15 11:50am

11 Months Later, The Sims 4 Players Still Want Answers About Toddlers

The Sims 4 had a controversial launch last fall for one main reason: unlike its immediate predecessor, the game didn’t feature toddlers. Not much has changed in the months since. And for many longtime fans, that’s the entire problem with The Sims 4. And why they’re walking away from their beloved game series. » 5/18/15 4:53pm 5/18/15 4:53pm