The New PS4 Uncharted Collection Shows How Much The PS3 Evolved

If you asked a bunch of people to list the most influential games of the last console generation, there’s a solid chance most of them would include the PS3’s Uncharted series. Four or five years ago, when we needed to show a friend how visually impressive video games had become, we often reached for one of Nathan… »10/09/15 10:56am10/09/15 10:56am


How to Be a Video Game Snob

My favorite film critic, A.O. Scott of the New York Times, is trying to reclaim the word “snob” for people of discernment. “If the words nerd and geek can be rehabilitated—if legions of misunderstood enthusiasts can march from the margins of respectability to the heart of the mainstream—then why not snob as well?” he… »10/07/15 4:42pm10/07/15 4:42pm

What Works (And Doesn't Work) In Today's PS4 Firmware Update

If your PlayStation 4 looks a little different today, that’s because your machine probably updated overnight with firmware 3.00. While it’s a system update less sweeping than its version number implies, and the launch hasn’t been without hiccups and oversights, it comes with some pretty nifty new features. »9/30/15 5:56pm9/30/15 5:56pm